Why I Support Konbit Sante’s Pediatric Partnership at Justinien Hospital

March 24, 2023

A note from Nathan M. Nickerson, RN, MSN, DrPH


Dear friends,

Having been involved with Konbit Sante since its earliest days, I have often been asked why we work with a public hospital in Haiti when the challenges and barriers to success sometimes seem insurmountable. For me, the most compelling reason is that it is where the very poorest women and children go to seek care, and I believe that they deserve the highest quality care possible.

Almost 20 years ago, Portland pediatrician Dr. Ann Lemire worked with the staff in the service to develop a process to regularly review all cases in which children died in the service to identify issues that, if changed, could result in better outcomes.  Those monthly mortality reviews continue today and are supported by other volunteer pediatricians and neonatologists.

To address the issues identified in monthly reviews, Konbit Sante supports enhanced medical education and mentorship and provides access to essential medicines, supplies, equipment, and decent facilities with functional power and water utilities.  Strengthening clinical competencies while equipping the trainees with the tools and environment to do the job is what this collaboration is about.

To me, it is gratifying to play some small role in helping to make higher quality care possible for people who otherwise would not have access to it.  We can all be a part of that.

— Nathan M. Nickerson, RN, MSN, DrPH


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