NOMAD donates almost 50,000 masks to Konbit Sante

November 16, 2020

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Haiti, we needed to procure PPEs (personal protective equipment) such as masks and gloves quickly. For distribution in communities, we purchased locally made masks, but our partner healthcare facilities needed a steady supply of disposable masks that their staff members could use while caring for patients. We also needed masks for our staff in Maine and Cap-Haitien, and for the more than 50 employees at our partner facilities for whom we provide salary support.

NOMAD is a California-based company that specializes in portable electronic gear but has shifted priorities to produce medical supplies in response to the COVID health crisis. NOMAD donated almost 50,000 masks to Konbit Sante, which are being put to good use at our offices in Falmouth, Maine, and Cap-Haitien Haiti, and at our four healthcare partner facilities in Greater Cap-Haitien: Justinien University Hospital, Fort Saint Michel Health Center, Haitian Baptist Convention Hospital, and the Unite de lutte pour la Sante clinic.

According to NOMAD’s website (, it is taking advantage of is rapid-response supply chain to quickly move medical supplies from its warehouses in Asia and North America to frontline responders globally. “Our goal is to provide masks to those who need them most at the lowest cost possible,” reads a statement on the website.

“Masks are essential in a hospital during non-pandemic times. During this pandemic, they are in even higher demand and are being used throughout Cap-Haitien at our partner sites,” said Konbit Sante Executive Director Rupal Shah. “I am glad we have a surplus of masks that will be well-utilized.”

Click here more information about NOMAD and its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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