Earthquake Update

August 23, 2021

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake devastatingly shook Haiti on the morning of August 14th. The earthquake overwhelmed hospitals, flattened buildings, and trapped many under rubble in the Southern part of Haiti. We were all affected by this news in one way or another.

Over the past week we have been in contact with healthcare facilities and collaborators in the south as the casualties continued to rise. We have also been working closely with our partner hospitals in Cap-Haitien that operate under the Ministry of Public Health and Population. Last week, we funded their efforts to send clinicians from Justinien University Hospital to the southern department to provide direct care to the victims of the earthquake.

One of the key things we understand in this work is that we stand together, especially during tough times. Konbit Sante will continue to support and encourage our Haitian friends, colleagues, and communities during this challenging time.

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