Welcome Emanise Muscadin, MD

February 23, 2024

Please meet Emanise Muscadin, MD, Konbit Sante’s new consulting pediatrician at Justinien University Hospital. Dr. Muscadin joins Konbit Sante as an integral part of our effort to strengthen pediatric care at Haiti’s largest public hospital in the north. We look forward to building upon the work of Dr. Rony Saint Fleur, who recently moved to the U.S. following 15 years with Konbit Sante.

Dr. Muscadin completed her residency at Justinien Hospital under Dr. Saint Fleur’s leadership. She then spent five years of clinical practice at Hôpital Sacre Coeur, a private hospital in Milot, Haiti, followed by service as an attending pediatrician at Justinien Hospital.

Dr. Muscadin has a longstanding interest in medical research, as well as in improving the direct care patients receive. She has studied the effect of bicarbonate in patients with ketoacidosis in Haiti. She introduced hydroxyurea in the treatment of sickle cell disease at Hôpital Sacre Coeur. She is currently participating in Konbit Sante’s research methodology course in order to strengthen her skills.

Konbit Sante welcomes Dr. Muscadin’s contributions to our efforts to address critical pediatric needs at Justinien Hospital, the second-largest public teaching hospital in Haiti. More to come about this important work during the next few weeks.

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