We Walk with Haiti campaign raises more than $60,000

July 1, 2020

Dear Konbit Sante Community:

I want to thank you all for making We Walk with Haiti a very successful fundraising event in which so many of you shared your kindness and solidarity with the people of Haiti. We didn’t know what to expect when we transformed this year’s Maine Walks with Haiti into a virtual fundraiser. We understand this has been a challenging time for many people in our own home communities. In the end, you helped us raise over $60,000 to continue Konbit Sante’s support for our partners’ healthcare facilities in Haiti!  Thanks to you and your personal campaigns, as ambassadors of this work, we built more partnerships with those who generously donated funds and supported this effort.

Like much of the world, our focus over the past several months has been on decreasing the transmission of COVID-19 in the communities in which we work in Haiti and strengthening their healthcare facilities’ capacity to treat patients. During the cholera epidemic that raged through Haiti almost 10 years ago, as a small and flexible organization, we were able to step up quickly and develop an action plan without a lot of red tape. At the onset of the current pandemic, we responded similarly, swiftly, and compassionately to deliver messages, masks, and hand stations to communities so their residents could protect themselves and those around them. We have coordinated with our collaborators to deliver supplies, equipment, and personal protective equipment to treatment facilities and with subject matter experts to provide COVID-19 trainings to frontline healthcare workers.

We knew that we had to move ahead and spend funds in ways that were unplanned and unbudgeted for this response, because the situation demanded it. We also believe that if our work demonstrates that it is worth supporting, people would endorse it. Thank you for proving that true. Your support is a great help and encouragement to us during this difficult time of confronting the pandemic and for the continuation of the important work of strengthening healthcare systems that can respond to the needs of the community. We are happy to talk with you personally if you would like to know more details or have further questions.

Thank you!

With deep gratitude,

Nate Nickerson, Executive Director

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