Meet Our Partner, The Dalton Foundation

August 23, 2021

Essential medical supplies and equipment save lives in Cap-Haitien.

The Dalton Foundation’s goal is to impact men, women, and children throughout the world through education, training and access to healthcare. The Foundation has been working in Haiti with partner healthcare facilities to understand their needs. They provide materials, connections, and training as needed on the ground.

Photo: Unloading a container from The Dalton Foundation at Justinien University Hospital in March 2020

Konbit Sante and The Dalton Foundation have been partnering together for several years. We collaborate by obtaining medical equipment such as electrocardiograms, ultrasounds, and x-ray machines, infant warmers, patient monitors, and other essential equipment for distribution to partner hospitals in Cap-Haitien. The Dalton Foundation imported two containers in 2020 and one this past Spring with technical assistance from Konbit Sante. The shipments included materials and supplies that were distributed throughout Northern Haiti to partners of both organizations.

Both organizations work closely on several projects. One of those projects is to explore and address the need for biomedical equipment support in healthcare facilities in the Northern department. It is clear that The Dalton Foundation and Konbit Sante share similar views on healthcare systems strengthening work.

Our Operations and Logistics Manager, Ben Doller stated “We believe in the motto that Haitian problems require Haitian solutions.” According to him, it is important to listen to partner organizations, validate their concerns, and support their goals. Anyone can donate unused or unwanted items that they think might be helpful, but often that is not strategic. The collaboration between The Dalton Foundation and Konbit Sante is primarily about how to be thoughtful and sustainable in our respective missions to support the people of Haiti.

When asked about what success for their organization looks like, executive director, Barbara Campbell, stated, “The ultimate goal is to provide and increase access to healthcare in Haiti. We would like to achieve that goal through collaborations with Haitian healthcare professionals. We, too, seek to provide Haitian solutions for Haitian problems, which is a practice modeled by Konbit Sante.”

Staff at The Dalton Foundation have been cooperative in dealing with challenges, especially when it comes to shipments. According to Ben, Konbit Sante always has to navigate the process of clearing customs and ensuring shipments arrive safely in Cap-Haitien. “The Dalton Foundation has been a thought partner when figuring out how to address challenges in logistics. They are easy to work with and often provide constructive feedback. This has been great for Konbit Sante as we are always looking for ways to improve and standardize our shipment processes,” he enthusiastically described.

The Dalton Foundation’s future with Konbit Sante looks bright and hopeful. Barbara concluded, “Our relationship with Konbit Sante has been great. I have enjoyed working with everyone I have met and appreciate their thoughtfulness and persistence. Konbit Sante staff have such a passion to see things improve for the people of Haiti and we are inspired by them.”

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