English Conversation Volunteer Needed!

October 18, 2021

Come join our team of volunteers at Konbit Sante to enhance English-language skills on the ground. The purpose of the English Conversation Volunteer is to support Haitian staff and partners as they improve their fluency in the English language in reading, writing, and speaking.

While a background in teaching English would be helpful, the goal of the lessons is to provide a space where Creole, French, and English speakers have the opportunity to explore the English language, encounter vocabulary and concepts outside their direct professional purview, ask questions, and in general, increase participants’ confidence with the English language.

Konbit Sante views this pursuit as directly related to staff work time, and as such encourages lessons to take place during normal working hours. The lessons can be organized virtually utilizing various platforms such as group chats. Creativity is encouraged from reading or writing assignments to group reading activities or videos – the sky is the limit!

This position will work directly with US-based staff to provide resources and support as needed, and connections will be made so that the volunteer can connect directly with Haiti-based staff members.

To apply, please visit our website and fill out an application form.

Position Goals:

  • Work with Haiti-based staff members to enhance English language skills in reading, writing, and speaking
  • Work with Haiti-based staff to ensure language needs are met as each staff member has a different fluency level in the English language
  • Work with Haiti-based staff to determine language learning objectives and goals
  • Provide overall group structure
  • Work with US-based staff to obtain resources and support as needed
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