Volunteer Spotlight: Mike Kilmartin

March 26, 2021

No matter the task, Mike Kilmartin of Westbrook, Maine, is always eager to roll up his sleeves and get it done for Konbit Sante. Over the past 15 years, he has assumed many duties for the organization, from serving as treasurer on the board of directors and updating our financial database to helping load shipping containers with medical supplies and equipment at our Maine warehouse.

The reason he does so much for Konbit Sante is simple, he says: He believes in its mission and its work.

“Konbit Sante’s unique philosophy of working with the Haitians rather than simply funding their work over many years has earned the respect of the recipients, the government of Haiti, and other non-profit organizations,” Mike said. “The Konbit Sante volunteers represent a hands-on organization led by very competent individuals.”

Mike’s work in health care began when he was a teenager working at Maine Medical Center, where he helped out in the kitchen and performed a variety of other tasks. He served in the U.S. Air Force as a staff sergeant during the Korean War, completed a two-year program at the Bentley School of Finance in Boston, then earned a Bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration from the University of New Hampshire.

After getting his Bachelor’s degree, Mike returned to Maine Medical Center, where he worked as an accountant and rose through the ranks to become associate vice president for finance. He retired after 38 years with the organization, but his retirement didn’t last long: The former president of Maine Medical Center, Donald McDowell, became president of MaineHealth Services, and asked Mike to work for him again as assistant treasurer. Mike readily agreed, and held that post for 15 years.

McDowell also served on Konbit Sante’s board of directors, and in 2006, he asked Mike to join the board as treasurer and convert our financial system from a paper bookkeeping system to a digital version capable of providing detailed Excel reports. This proved to be an invaluable tool to helping Konbit Sante’s leadership understand how the organization operated financially.

Mike served on the board of directors until 2010, and has continued as a volunteer in various capacities ever since. He is currently a member of the finance committee, helps with managing inventory at the warehouse during container loadings, and assists our U.S. financial manager, Richard Williams, as needed.

“We are honored to have Mike’s expertise on our team,” said Konbit Sante Executive Director Rupal Ramesh Shah. “Without him, Konbit Sante would certainly not be where it is today.”

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