Mother’s clinics provide essential services in northern Haiti

May 9, 2021
On this Mother’s Day, we salute our community health workers in Haiti, whose tireless work and long hours in the field have improved health care for pregnant women and young children.
Working for the Haiti Ministry of Public Health and Population with the support of Konbit Sante, community health workers host “mother’s clinics” in Cap-Haitien and the surrounding communities as part of their many duties. Services provided at the mother’s clinics include:
1. Education on prenatal and postnatal care, including information on family planning, nutrition, breastfeeding, and pregnancy complications such as pre-eclampsia
Prenatal examinations of pregnant women
2. Referrals for regular checkups and deliveries at Fort Saint Michel Health Center, one of Konbit Sante’s healthcare partners
3. Coordination of field deliveries with midwives when the mothers cannot or choose not to deliver in a hospital
4. Postnatal care for new mothers and young children, including field vaccinations and follow-up exams
Simply put, without community health workers, many people living in northern Haiti would not have this access to prenatal and postnatal health care. The impact of their work is immeasurable, and we are proud to recognize them.
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