Give to Konbit Sante and have your gift matched

December 3, 2019

Giving Tuesday is today! Thanks to the generosity of three benefactors, Konbit Sante is able to provide matching funds to first-time and returning donors who didn’t give in fiscal year 2019 (Oct. 1, 2018—Sept. 30, 2019). If you fall into either of these categories, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar if you donate before midnight.

This is an especially difficult time for our healthcare partners in Haiti. More than a year of financial and political unrest has devastated the nation’s economy and made it difficult to transport supplies, medicines, and equipment necessary to keeping communities healthy. They are also chronically understaffed, as a severe gasoline shortage and frequent roadblocks erected by protesters often prevent healthcare employees from reporting for work. All of this comes at a time when rampant inflation has caused the cost of food, water, and basic necessities to skyrocket, resulting in increased numbers of malnutrition cases—especially among young children.

Whether you are someone who has never given to Konbit Sante, someone who used to give but have lapsed in your donation, or someone who gives regularly (and whom we value GREATLY—thank you so much!), joining us in this “konbit” will go a very long way. Please give today.

Mesi anpil! (Many thanks!)

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