Champion for Change: Dr. Nelly Osias

February 27, 2022

Dr. Osias first became involved with Konbit Sante as a translator for American volunteers. During Dr. Osias’s residency the former Konbit Sante Executive Director, Dr. Nathan Nickerson, gave a lot of his time to support Dr. Osias in her thesis, which was on emergency caesarean section outcomes, during her medical residency. Dr. Osias said enthusiastically, “The team at Konbit Sante takes prompt measures to resolve medical issues in the community. They obtain materials or ask partners on the ground and abroad to assist. We know how many lives have been saved because of Konbit Sante’s support and availability.”

For Dr. Osias, working in Haiti is important. “Haiti is my country and I know the need for healthcare assistance here. I know that my people really need my help. Any other person can do it, but the only thing I am sure of is I can do it with love, compassion, and enthusiasm. Medicine is my mission,” she mentioned.

In ending, Dr. Osias shared a time when she would go door-to-door twice a year to help those who cannot walk due to chronic diseases, and who cannot afford medical care. Part of her commitment to the community is to continue serving those in her country. She shared her motto, “Be a Doctor with heart and devotion.”

Dr. Osias is a very caring and compassionate doctor, and we are lucky to have her in our Konbit Sante family.

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