The Unflashy, Yet Highly Critical World of Business Management!

May 12, 2022

Providing training on requested topics for our Haitian partners is an important priority for Konbit Sante. Building solid business management practices and strategy are often the critical factors in the success of an enterprise, and healthcare in Haiti is no different.

Dominique Joseph, Konbit Sante’s Administrator based in Cap Haitien, recently led a training for seven senior staff members at Unite de Lutte pour la Sante (ULS) Health Center in Bande du Nord. The purpose of this training session was to improve supply depot and patient management practices at the ULS Health Center, and it is part of a wider goal to modernize ULS’ overall formulary and budget management practices.

A key focus of this training session was the development of a new strategic plan at the ULS Health Center. Dominique and senior staff explored workflows and maintenance related to a new electronic management system for the control and distribution of supplies, materials, and funds. They also discussed broader ideas concerning the value that it would add to their daily lives, and by extension, the care that they will provide to patients.

The system shifts the medical center’s inventory, pharmacy, and cashier system away from paper ledgers and onto an electronic platform. This is extremely useful because it creates a database for stock control, forecasting, reliable payment records, and other data opportunities at the center. Often, it can be difficult to look at trends using paper-based methods, so ULS staff are hoping to use this data to operate more efficiently, save money, and better serve their community.

While these sorts of innovations may not be particularly flashy, it is imperative for health systems to have flexible, dependable operations and procedures in place. Moving to a digital medium has some risks, but it also provides powerful management and scaling tools for a small staff. It is precisely these sorts of seemingly mundane systems that create a strong healthcare network all around the world!

According to Dominique, “The ULS staff are eager to achieve the best possible outcomes and experiences for their patients.” We at Konbit Sante are looking forward to supporting the team at the ULS Health Center as they continue to serve their community in Bande du Nord.

As always, these initiatives are due to the support from YOU and others like you. Konbit Sante and the people of Haiti are forever grateful.

Dominique with ULS staff

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