Director’s Blog: Konbit Sante’s commitment to Cap-Haitien, Haiti

June 9, 2021

In Haiti, approximately 60% of the population lives under the national poverty line as measured by the United Nations Development Programme. Due to its geography, the country is prone to earthquakes and hurricanes, such as a devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake in 2010. In terms of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals in health, Haiti is lagging in eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, and is far behind in reducing child mortality and environmental sustainability.

Basic requirements such as water, food, shelter, and health care are often unmet. Even essential infrastructure commodities such as electricity and internet access are not always readily available. These challenges pose difficulties as people try to navigate through everyday life. As basic needs remain unmet, the vicious cycle of poverty and challenges continue.

At Konbit Sante, we are committed to improving the healthcare system of Cap-Haitien and the greater community. Our goal is to strengthen the capacity of local healthcare champions so that they can provide high quality of care to patients who need it the most. We work alongside our partners to provide support in the capacity that they need it, whether it’s by providing essential medications and materials, imparting training, or providing emergency care. Our organization’s overall goal is to be that partner that not only understands the endemic challenges on the ground but also empowers local leaders so that they can continue the ongoing work long after we are gone.

In recent years, Haiti has been in the news due to political unrest and ongoing instability. The government has long faced challenges in terms of meeting the needs of its citizens, and after facing many years of extreme frustration, those citizens are reacting. The mainstream media often covers these stories, and many of our donors and supporters ask Konbit Sante why we continue our work on the ground in light of the unrest and instability.

The reason is because we believe every small difference has the ability to result in a change. We believe that every hand that has come in touch with Konbit Sante and has supported the organization has made an impact in terms of improving and strengthening the healthcare system of Haiti. All of our donors, volunteers, board members, honorary advisors, and staff members make a difference by lending a hand of support in whichever way they can.

We also believe that over the past 20 years since our organization has been in existence, we have made strides in progress. We have been able to work with Justinien University Hospital, our first and oldest partner, to strengthen its infrastructure by repairing and maintaining its solar panels. We have been able to collaborate with Fort Saint Michel Health Center, another public healthcare facility, to support the activities of the community health workers who serve in remote areas. We have been able to partner with the Haitian Convention Baptist Hospital, a private hospital, to consign wheelchairs for patients with disabilities. We have been able to support Unite de Lutte pour la Sante Health Center to fund and build the center.

The accomplishments of the past 20 years would not have been possible without the support of each individual that has contributed to the organization in some way. As we see the progress and hear the success stories, they continue to inspire and encourage us to do our work in Haiti.

We understand that the challenges will remain and that political unrest may pop up from time to time. However, there is also an understanding that the more we continue to stick together and the more we continue to support one another, the higher our chances are of making a difference. We can be a part of that change that is much needed. For that reason and more, we continue our work in the greater Cap-Haitien area.

We thank those of you who have supported us during the past 20 years, and we hope that you continue to support us during the next 20 years as well!

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