Volunteer Spotlight: Steve Connolly

November 11, 2021

Steve Connolly has been an active volunteer in the Konbit Sante warehouse for several years. Shortly after he moved to Maine in the summer of 2016, he read an article about Konbit Sante in a local publication. He stated, “The work and goals were very familiar to my own, so I called the office to ask about volunteer needs. Several days later I started organizing donations in the warehouse.”

Steve first went to Haiti in March 1995 through his collaborations with the International Foundation for Election Systems in Washington, D.C. On that trip he provided assistance on parliamentary elections in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Prior to that trip, in the course of his many years working in various countries, he had worked with several Haitian Americans.

Photo: Boxes stacked up in our Maine-based warehouse

According to Steve he is drawn to the island of Haiti because of all of the hardships they have faced, as a nation, and the challenges they continue to endure.

Following a career of more than 35 years in international development that included work in Haiti, the goals and values of Konbit Sante were very familiar and appealing to Steve. In the warehouse, he currently helps out by organizing the supplies and materials and loading containers for shipments to our office in Cap-Haitien, Haiti.

Steve continues to be inspired by the work of Konbit Sante. He mentioned, “Working with Konbit Sante these past few years is really my only exposure to the healthcare field.” Otherwise, his career was focused mainly on agriculture, appropriate technology, and governance. While the early part of his career was largely located in rural parts of African countries, since the late 1990s most of his work was in countries that were emerging from some form of civil strife.

When asked about a particular moment that sticks out to him during his time at Konbit Sante, he said, “What I have found most striking about the organization is the dedication of the staff, both in Maine and Cap-Haitien, especially in the face of daunting obstacles. They work hard and continue to do thoughtful and collaborative work.”

We are extremely grateful for volunteers like Steve who are dedicated to ensuring countries like Haiti achieve success on their own terms. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at Konbit Sante, simply visit our website and fill out our application.

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