Fundraiser looks through a ‘radical’ lens

February 9, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted small businesses, especially service-related enterprises that depend on a steady stream of clients to stay afloat. Many of them have turned to virtual services to remain engaged with customers and remind them that they are still operating. It can be a very daunting and time-consuming enterprise.

Despite the challenges, numerous small businesses continue to support causes and nonprofit organizations. They refuse to let obstacles stand in their way of doing charitable work. Such is the case with Radical Yoga Therapy.

Radical Yoga Therapy is a Maine-based business owned and operated by Lindsay McDonough, a yoga therapist, doula, reiki practitioner and certified special education teacher. Before the pandemic, she offered personal and group sessions out of a rented office space; now she conducts sessions online via Zoom. Participants in her online sessions pay by donation—no one is turned away, even if they can’t pay.

Every month, McDonough donates 100 percent of the proceeds from an online session to a local nonprofit that is actively working to create a more equitable healthcare system. She recently chose to support Konbit Sante after meeting our executive director, Rupal Ramesh Shah, and learning about our work in Cap-Haitien. “When Rupal explained to me what Konbit Sante is doing in Haiti, I knew I needed to get involved in whatever way I could,” she said.

There are many forms of yoga, and some may assume “radical yoga” refers to a high-intensity workout. However, McDonough’s approach is the opposite. She offers personalized sessions that are aimed at improving mental health as well as physical health. Participants are encouraged to proceed at their own paces and in their own comfort zones.

“Radical yoga is yoga for folks who, like me, are looking for change, for something different,” she said. “Through this lens, I offer yoga to people with disabilities and chronic illness, and to people who aren’t seeking yoga as fitness, but as therapy. I also offer birth services to folks who are learning to advocate for themselves and not be guilted, coerced, or forced by medical providers into birthing and parenting in a way that doesn’t align with their principals. Through this radical lens, I approach teaching students who receive special education services in the public school system.

“I like to say, ‘I can’t not.’ Because I don’t know any other way to exist, except to fight for the rights of others.”

Radical Yoga held its first Zoom session for Konbit Sante on January 22, and more are planned for this year. We will announce the dates in our newsletter and on our website and social media platforms. For more information about McDonough and Radical Yoga Therapy, visit or email

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