Champion for Change: Emile Eustache

December 6, 2021

For approximately 25 years, Monsieur Emile Eustache was an employee of Action Sanitaire, an organization involved in responding to disease epidemics throughout Cap-Haitien. Konbit Sante had the privilege of getting to know Monsieur Emile in those early days, when Action Sanitaire was a key collaborator with Konbit Sante. Through his work, Monsieur Emile assisted Konbit Sante by providing transportation services to our volunteers and staff whenever needed. In October 2013, Konbit Sante was in search of a driver for the local Cap-Haitien office. At that time, Action Sanitaire referred Monsieur Emile to Konbit Sante because of his work ethics, experiences, and personality. After an interview and a few discussions with Monsieur Emile, it was clear that Konbit Sante would benefit from his dedicated services and we hired him as a permanent driver of our organization.

Monsieur Emile’s main duties include management and maintenance of Konbit Sante’s vehicle which is utilized for operational purposes. Every morning he checks fuel levels in the truck and determines whether it is functioning properly. He maintains a keen eye on security and safety, as it relates to overall transportation in Cap-Haitien and the surrounding areas. He is available to staff members, during the week bringing them dutifully to their various destinations, as needed, to perform their work.

Monsieur Emile has many wonderful qualities, one of which is that he is a great communicator. He is a collaborative staff member and easy to work with. When asked about what he is proud of in his time at Konbit Sante, Monsieur Emile described a time when he was able to work with a mobile clinic and assist patients with dire healthcare needs. He shared that this experience made him feel connected with a deeper sense of service to the people of his country. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, specifically his children and wife, listening to music, and practicing ironwork, which is a form of creative metal work that is popular in Haiti.

According to Konbit Sante’s Administrator, Dominique Joseph, “Monsieur Emile is a great colleague. He is respectful and very responsible. He is passionate about his work and conducts it with professionalism. He is always willing to learn new things that are aligned with Konbit Sante’s overall mission. He is most appreciated by the team for his flexibility and reliability.”

We are thankful for staff like Monsieur Emile who contribute greatly to the needs of the organization. It’s because of him that our travel operations in the organization run smoothly and safely.

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