Nursing Excellence and Essential Equipment Are Making a Difference

May 31, 2024

Dear Friends,

We write from Cap-Haitien to share an update on the pediatric department at Justinien University Hospital (JUH), Konbit Sante’s longest-standing partner hospital.

While Cap-Haïtien remains safer than the capital, we in the north continue to face the same economic challenges affecting the entire country, including high prices and scarce goods. Despite these difficulties, your unwavering support has enabled us to continue pursuing our goals and to achieve significant milestones.

With your help, we recently hired four new nurses, bolstering the pediatric team alongside six additional nurses supported by UNICEF. This enhanced nursing staff will ensure that the department can provide even better care to young patients.

In collaboration with the Dalton Foundation, a philanthropic organization providing for the world’s most vulnerable citizens, we have completed an inventory and assessment of pediatric equipment at Justinien Hospital. This crucial step allows us to identify and prioritize repairs and replacements for essential medical devices, ensuring the department is well equipped to meet the needs of its patients.

Darius Melick, Konbit Sante Pediatric Assistant Facilities Manager/Stock Manager (center), and Mario Saint Lucien (left) and Cevere Luckner (right) evaluate a suction machine in Justinien’s pediatric unit.

We are also working closely with our dedicated pediatric volunteers—Drs. Daniel Sobel, Victor Herson, and Adam Silverman—adapt and implement a curriculum on essential newborn care and neonatal resuscitation. This training will be delivered remotely and in person to our nurses and residents, enhancing their skills and knowledge in neonatal care.

Moreover, we are partnering with volunteer Dr. Erica Felker-Kantor to upgrade our health information system. This improvement will enable us to better track and report on our interventions, ensuring we can continually improve the care we provide.

The transformations in the pediatric department are truly inspiring, but nothing is more gratifying than the heartfelt thanks the team receives from parents whose children have been hospitalized. Their gratitude is a testament to the quality care their children are receiving, care made possible by your generous support.

We hope you take pride in knowing you are an integral part of the positive changes and great care these children are experiencing. Your contributions are making a difference in their lives.

With sincere thanks,

Dr. Emanise Muscadin, Attending Faculty Pediatrician
Tezita Negussie, Country and Program Director


Justinien University Hospital pediatric nurses and staff  at the Konbit Sante office during a presentation by Miss Charles, Justinien’s head pediatric nurse.

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