Make Births Safe for Women

October 1, 2021

This project was awarded a $15,000 grant from SG Foundation last year through Konbit Sante.

This has been a year-long project focused on making births safe for women and improving the health outcomes of children living in Band du Nord – a peri-urban community of 25,000 people located in the outskirts of Cap-Haitien, Haiti. This project has encompassed four interventions: prenatal clinics, mobile clinics, rally posts, and support for traditional birth attendants.

Prenatal clinics provide pregnant women with basic prenatal care focused on risk identification, prevention and management of pregnancy-related complications, and health counseling.

Mobile clinics occur once a month at geographically isolated, hard to reach communities. These clinics offer a range of preventive and curative services for the whole family, including screening and hospital referrals for malnourished children. These clinics also serve as vaccination sites.

Finally, traditional birth attendants meet monthly with ULS Health Center nurses to receive birthing kits, discuss challenging cases, and review topics for continuing education and skill-building interventions. Traditional birth attendants also identify and refer at-risk pregnant women to ULS Health Center.

This project had 4423 direct beneficiaries between December 2020 and April 2021. We estimate there were approximately 14,000 people that were indirect beneficiaries of this project. Despite some financial and political disturbances in the area, ULS Health Center continued to provide quality care and services to a significant portion of the population.

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