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June 2, 2023

It’s spring and time for our annual “get out and get moving” virtual fundraiser, now called STAND WITH HAITI. MOVE WITH KONBIT. 

Anyone, anywhere, can participate, so please join in a message of solidarity with the Haitian people and take some action to support Konbit Sante’s work improving health care in northern Haiti.

The people of Haiti are facing incredible hardships and challenges today. Deteriorating security in Port-au-Prince has disrupted food and fuel supplies around the country. Inflation has reached an unprecedented high, making life even harder for the majority of Haitians. And the public power grid has been down for more than one year.

Whether you have Haitian roots, are interested in global health, or are simply a citizen of the world looking for a good reason to get out, get moving, and show your support for Konbit Sante in a particularly impactful way…this event is for you.

You can walk or run around your neighborhood. Ride a bicycle or exercise bike. Hike, kayak, swim, paint, sing, read a book, meditate, dance, or jam – anything that involves moving or being moved (literally or figuratively).

How does it work? Individuals create fundraising pages and invite their friends, family, colleagues, and other like-minded acquaintances to support their efforts.

Please visit our event site HERE and become a fundraiser by setting up your own individual, family, school, church, or bunch-of-friends event.

Other good ways to participate include making a donation to one of the already-established fundraisers or directly to Konbit Sante, forwarding this invitation to your friends, or becoming an event sponsor.

Your donations have a real impact

  • They provide essential medicines, equipment, and supplies to six medical facilities serving a population of nearly one million people in northern Haiti.
  • They provide solar power so medical facilities stay open and save money on fuel when the public grid is down. As of this writing, the grid has been out for a year.
  • They provide education and support to those caring for the youngest patients in a large public teaching hospital.
  • And they provide pre-natal and post-natal care, as well as important early vaccines, in an underserved urban Cap-Haitien neighborhood.

Together we can have a real impact on the lives of so many!


Special thanks to our event sponsor

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