Volunteer Spotlight: Shilpa Atnoor

September 30, 2021

Impressed with Konbit Sante’s model and mission, Shilpa joined our team last year to help in any way she could. In 2016, she met executive director, Rupal Ramesh Shah, while training for her first half marathon. After her company down-sized and closed its branch of data analysis, she reached out to Rupal in hopes to join the team as a staff member. Unfortunately, the commute was too great as she resides in Massachusetts, so she eventually joined as a volunteer.

Shilpa has an extensive and impressive background in Information Technology (IT) and data analysis. She helps Konbit Sante with IT-related projects and database management. She has trained new employees on data analysis and frequently helps retrieve donor information from our database.

She completed her undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Mumbai University in Mumbai, India in 1986 and then received her computer programming diploma and started work in a manufacturing company in Mumbai. She then spent some time working for a logistics company and an IT consulting company.

After marriage she migrated to Boston. Soon after, Shilpa joined the Bank of Boston as a senior software engineer. While continuing to work in Boston for 14 years, she also received her MBA from Daniel Webster College, located in New Hampshire, in 2017.

She continued to work a variety of jobs in the computer science field until the COVID-19 pandemic occurred when she discovered her passion for the healthcare industry. Shilpa, along with her friends, joined a group that collected donated cloth material and repurposed them to make masks for healthcare workers. That volunteering experience made her not only want to join Konbit Sante, but also switch career paths to join the healthcare field.

Shilpa feels a strong connection to Konbit Sante’s mission statement and our work in Haiti. She stated, “I felt particularly inspired by Konbit Sante’s efforts to let the people of Haiti participate and guide their own path towards a sustainable future.” For the 20th anniversary celebrations of Konbit Sante, she joined a webinar with everyone who has been involved since the beginning and left feeling inspired and impressed by the founders’ statements and stories.

She hopes to continue volunteering with us in any capacity for as long as possible, as she feels inspired to be a part of the work. She also hopes to see more donations come through for the organization because that is the only way in which Konbit Sante will be able to keep supporting Haiti.

If you would like to become a volunteer and be a part of the Konbit Sante team, please visit our website and sign up.

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