Earthquake support from Konbit Sante and Justinien University Hospital

October 9, 2021

On August 14th at approximately 8:30am, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti. The earthquake caused severe damage in the southern part of the country. Grande-Anse, Nippes, and Sud departments were particularly affected although the tremors were felt throughout the country and as far north as Cap-Haitien, where Konbit Sante’s partners and staff live and work.

We partnered with the Justinien University Hospital (JUH), one of our oldest partners in the Northern department, to support their efforts to care for the victims of the earthquake. The hospital sent a team of physicians, Dr. Daphnée Normil Pierre (Anesthesiologist), Dr. Erick Bruno (Orthopedist), and Dr. Woody Charles (Orthopedist) to provide medical care to the patients. They spent over a week at Hôpital Sainte Thérèse de Miragoâne (HSTM).

JUH employees getting ready to leave for their trip, at the Cap-Haitien International Airport

Konbit Sante supported the JUH physicians by providing funds for their logistics and transportation expenses as they traveled from the north to the south. Konbit Sante’s philosophy is to enable Haitians to help Haitians and this was true to our mission. The medical professionals that traveled to the earthquake-affected area were able to partner with the local physicians at HSTM.

During their time, they noted that there were a large number of patients in the emergency room and outpatient clinic. The team collectively observed and attended to over 50 patients. They were involved in the day-to-day management of the patients as well as discussions of their long-term care plans.

A majority of the earthquake’s victims were from the far southern part of the country. Almost 60% of those injured were seen and treated on an outpatient basis and the other 40% were in need of hospitalizations in order to receive surgery or other treatment. Out of those who needed surgical interventions, almost half recovered. The doctors were glad to see such positive outcomes although the long-term work towards rehabilitation will continue.

We are thankful for the opportunity to offer support to the victims of the earthquake. In order to provide financial assistance to our partners, we rely on your donations. Thank you to every individual in the global community who has contributed towards these efforts.

We have also received generous contributions from organizations such as Hands Up for Haiti, who are keen on supporting the earthquake relief efforts. We are grateful for the collaborative partnerships that allow us to continue providing support to the people of Haiti.

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