Providing Essential Medicines, Supplies, and Equipment

December 27, 2023

During this most important giving season, please remember Konbit Sante and help us continue to make a major difference in the lives of community members and those who provide their health care.
Your donations make a real difference.
Lespwa fè viv
Hope is life

Konbit Sante’s rare status as a recognized nonprofit organization in Haiti allowed us to import ten containers of essential medicines, supplies, and equipment duty free in 2023.

What’s in the containers? In addition to an ongoing supply of essential medicines and supplies, the shipments included:

  • Incubators, ultrasound machines, radiology equipment, and patient monitors.
  • Food supplements during a time of food insecurity because of high rates of inflation.
  • Water disinfection tablets to respond to the increased incidence of cholera.
  • Nearly 1,000 new wheelchairs which are being distributed throughout the country.
  • Birthing kits to support 7,700 deliveries at 35+ facilities.

Please read more about these shipments of essential supplies in the Konbit Sante 2023 Annual Report

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