Tools to the Professionals!

April 17, 2022

A key part of our work at Konbit Sante is to provide experienced healthcare professionals in Haiti with the tools necessary to care for their patients. Such care would not be possible without supplies donated by organizations like Direct Relief, a non-profit that provides medical supplies assistance and disaster relief efforts around the globe.

For years, Konbit Sante has received multiple high value shipments of medications, supplies, and emergency preparedness materials from Direct Relief. These shipments reduce immediate needs and allow our partnering facilities to refocus their limited budgets on other critical supplie

s, operational and maintenance costs, or to save up for larger projects down the road. Konbit Sante serves as a conduit for the bureaucratic importation process, and the distribution of these supplies across northern Haiti to health facilities and other healthcare organizations. In turn, this directly benefits the quality of patient care throughout the region.
One specific example of this process are the 115 midwife kits recently provided by Direct Relief. They contain enough materials to support about 5,750 safe childbirths at health facilities in the greater Cap-Haitien region. Konbit Sante coordinated the importation of the shipment and helped distribute the kits to some of our partner facilities as well as two other organizations with the support of the Dalton Foundation – the Haiti Health Network and Midwives for Haiti. As one of the many players in the healthcare konbit of northern Haiti, Konbit Sante is always excited to collaborate with our colleagues towards safe and accessible health services!
While supply chains may not be the most glamourous stories, they truly form the backbone of dependable services worldwide – from your online purchases, to your groceries, to the availability of Amoxicillin and oxygen in the Justinien University Hospital’s pediatrics department. Konbit Sante continues to listen to the needs and ideas of our partners in Haiti, and we work together to improve these services.
Distributing midwife kits is part of a global annual program by Direct Relief. The supplies are a critical factor in the safe delivery of children worldwide. Konbit Sante is extraordinarily grateful for the generous support of those at Direct Relief, who greatly contribute to the stability of the healthcare in Haiti. Konbit Sante also wants to thank YOU! Without your support, we would not be able to help source and distribute these critical materials.
For more information about Direct Relief’s midwife kit program, please visit here. For more information on Imres, the medical supplier who puts these special kits together in the Netherlands, please visit here.

Unloading the container


Temporary storage thanks to the Dalton Foundation


Getting the tools to where they need to go!

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