Honorary advisors provide invaluable guidance

January 15, 2021

Konbit Sante’s ongoing mission in Haiti requires a collective effort—not just from our staff and healthcare partners, but also from the volunteers who devote their time and resources to ensure our work is conducted in an efficient and effective manner.

Our honorary advisors represent the best in that regard. Their combined expertise is an asset that is immeasurable in its value. Many have accompanied us to Haiti to assist in on-the-ground activities, and most have served stints on the board of directors. All of them have provided guidance essential to our organization.

“We are lucky to have a set of trusted advisors, some of who are also a part of the founding team of Konbit Sante,” said Executive Director Rupal Shah. “Not only is their historic knowledge valuable to the organization, their ongoing contributions have brought Konbit Sante to where it is today.”

Honorary advisors are people who have made substantial contributions to, and/or effort on behalf of, Konbit Sante in the past, are interested in continuing to support the organization, and are able and willing to assist, promote, and advocate for the organization’s mission. They are required to have unique backgrounds, experiences, careers, and/or contacts that make them qualified to assist in this manner.

Nominations for honorary advisors may be made by a current Konbit Sante board member or the executive director, and are then given to the executive committee for consideration. Appointments are for one year, but there are no limitations to serving multiple terms.

Stephen and Polly Larned of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, have been honorary advisors of Konbit Sante since 2002. Both have made numerous trips to Haiti on behalf of the organization, and both have served on the board of directors. Polly is currently a member of Konbit Sante’s communications and fundraising committee.

“Over the last 20 years, we have seen firsthand Konbit Sante’s commitment to improving health care for the people in northern Haiti,” Polly said. “Konbit Sante’s successes are attributed to its long-term connections with its partners in Haiti, and to the respect it has shown for the culture of Haitians. It continues to be a privilege and inspiration to be associated with the organization.”

We are proud to count the following honorary advisors among our Konbit Sante family: Brian “Dean” Curran, Polly Larned, F. Stephen Larned, EJ Lovett, Don Nicoll, Henry Perry, and Malcolm Rogers. Click here to read their bios.

PHOTO: Konbit Sante honorary advisor Stephen Larned on a site visit in Cap-Haitien, Haiti.

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