View Virtual Chat with Konbit Sante Leaders

September 30, 2020

On October 1, the administrative staff of Konbit Sante participated in an in-depth virtual panel discussion about the organization and its work in North Haiti. Former executive director Nate Nickerson, current executive director Rupal Ramesh Shah, and program director Hans-Michel Pierrot discussed the successes and challenges in pursuing Konbit Sante’s mission of strengthening the healthcare system in Greater Cap-Haitien, including:

  • How Konbit Sante came into being and what sets it apart from other NGOs working in Haiti
  • What is happening with our ongoing collaboration with Justinien University Hospital and other healthcare partners
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our work in Haiti
  • How Konbit Sante raises and manages funds
  • Our plans for 2021 and beyond

The panel discussion was recorded, and can be viewed Vil Okap’s Facebook page here and on Konbit Sante’s Facebook page here. It is part of the Okap Cheri (My Beloved Haiti) multimedia campaign, a fundraiser by Vil Okap to benefit Konbit Sante’s work at the Justinien hospital, the largest public hospital in North Haiti and the second-largest in the entire nation. Donations to Okap Cheri can be made at any time by texting “KONBITSANTE” to 71777 or by clicking here

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