• Management & Leadership

    Effective delivery of health services needs well-managed programs, systems, and institutions. Management is the mortar that holds together all of the other “building blocks” of a well-functioning health system. Konbit Sante works with our health partners on management training, collaborative development of business plans, and improvement of basic information systems.
  • Here are just a few of
    our successful initiatives:

  • Management Assessment

    At the invitation of partner facilities, KS has conducted assessments of different management functions and provided feedback and recommendations. For example:

    a) A team of KS volunteers conducted an evaluation of the financial policies and procedures at Justinien University Hospital and provided recommendations on how to strengthen accountabilities in its system.

    b) Since 2008, KS has partnered with the JUH radiology department to develop supply management procedures and a financial management system, resulting in uninterrupted imaging service, a much-needed revenue source for the hospital.

    c) We are working with the administration at Haiti Baptist Convention Hospital to develop a strategy that will maximize access to medications for patients and improve the hospital’s revenue stream.

    d) We are working with Fort Saint Michel Health Center on strengthening its human resource management systems, and with JUH and ULS Health Clinic on their stock management systems.

    Leadership Circle

    Recognizing that there are people who exhibit leadership potential in our partner facilities, we continually look for ways to empower them to “be the change that they want to see” for their communities. In 2018, we launched the Leadership Circle, a regular meeting of health professionals from our health partner facilities to facilitate the sharing of ideas and practices while fostering the development of practical solutions to issues common to all four facilities.

    Management & Leadership Training

    Konbit Sante has hosted several trips to the U.S. for administrators of partner health facilities to work on strengthening specific management systems that they have identified. We have also sponsored trainings and seminars on leadership skills.

    Support for Active

    Management Practice

    Konbit Sante uses data from program areas to help identify priority management issues that will impact quality of care:

    a) We review every death at the JUH pediatric service on a monthly basis to identify management issues that are contributing to preventable deaths, and share that data with JUH to facilitate changes that will address those issues.

    b) We use data from prenatal visits at FSM to help the health center streamline administrative processes so that pregnant women can receive all of their care needs in less time.


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