Thank you!

August 9, 2023

Dear Friends,

Last week marked the end of our campaign of solidarity and action. During the STAND WITH HAITI. MOVE WITH KONBIT. fundraiser, we invited participants and donors from across the U.S. and worldwide to send a message of solidarity with the Haitian people and take action in support of our partners’ continued efforts to provide health care to their communities. The response was tremendous – members of the community (new and old) ran, hiked, read, paddled, and walked to help us raise nearly $35,000 in two months.

This show of support is deeply encouraging to our partners in Cap-Haitien, who are working on the front lines to deliver health care under difficult circumstances. As you have read in previous emails, while Cap-Haitien remains insulated from the violence that has plagued Port-au-Prince, households, businesses, and health institutions in Cap-Haitien continue to feel the weight of rising inflation, political insecurity, and the curtailment of public services such as electricity.

Each donation to STAND WITH HAITI. MOVE WITH KONBIT. reminded our Haitian partners that they are not alone or forgotten in their efforts to serve their communities, and it reinforced our commitment to health care as a basic human right.

We thank the individual participants, teams, donors, and corporate sponsors who made this campaign successful. In the words of a Haitian colleague, “Because of your support, the konbit will go on.” 

With gratitude,


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