• Crisis & Emergency Support

    Although Konbit Sante is not a relief organization, we do provide support in crisis situations, such as following a natural disaster.

    The year 2010 brought two back-to-back, catastrophic crises to Haiti: A 7.0-magnitude earthquake and an extremely aggressive and virulent cholera epidemic. These two events caused unprecedented, widespread destruction, injury, and loss of life. Because Konbit Sante had at this point almost a decade-long, continuous presence in Haiti, we were able to immediately assist the Haitian government, our partners, and relief agencies as they responded to the crises.

  • COVID-19 Response

    As was the case around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic required a rapid response in Haiti. Even before the first cases were reported in Cap-Haitien, Konbit Sante set in motion a series of actions to slow the transmission of the virus and strengthen the ability of our partners to respond, including:

    Initiating weekly meetings to accurately monitor the spread of the disease and effectively utilize preventive and treatment measures.

    Providing funds for COVID-19 triage centers at Justinien University Hospital, Fort Saint Michel Health Center, and Unite de Lutte pour la Sante Health Center.

    Procuring and coordinating the delivery of COVID-19 response materials to partner sites designated as coronavirus treatment facilities by the Ministry of Public Health and Population.

    Collaborating with Haiti Medical Education Project to provide training sessions on management of COVID-19 patients to frontline workers.

    Partnering with Rise Against Hunger to deliver free meals to remote areas in which residents did not have easy access to food.

    Distributing more than 7,000 locally-made masks and more than 600 handwashing stations (buckets, soap, and chlorine) within residential neighborhoods.

    Purchasing air time on local radio stations and sound trucks to announce prerecorded prevention-oriented health messages within residential neighborhoods.

  • Cholera Response

    While the earthquake’s epicenter was near Port-au-Prince to the south, the cholera outbreak of 2010-11 originated farther north. Thus, Konbit Sante’s health partners were quickly overwhelmed. As with the earthquake, we immediately took action, including:

    Partnering with the Haitian Ministry of Health, HCBH, and Doctors Without Borders to build, staff, and supervise a 200-bed cholera treatment center at HCBH

    Purchasing water testing kits and 1.4 million Aquatabs for water purification

    Training 120 field agents in cholera response and establishing 59 early treatment and prevention posts in neighborhoods throughout Cap-Haitien

    Conducting water surveys of drinking sources for people in the Greater Cap-Haitien area, and providing recommendations on disinfection

    With support from MINUSTAH, completing construction of a building at Justinien University Hospital that would become part of a permanent, on-site cholera treatment center

    Building new showers and toilets for JUH patients and caregivers, and renovating the hospital laundry area with support from WHO

  • Earthquake Response

    We knew that our partners working for the Ministry of Health in Cap-Haitien would need more resource and logistical support than usual to deal with this unprecedented situation. We took steps to meet immediate needs and put plans in motion to address the long-term needs as well, including:

    Photo Courtesy Gregory Rec/Portland Press Herald

  • Raising almost $500,000 through our earthquake response fund

    Co-chairing an ad hoc Health Commission formed by the Haitian government to coordinate earthquake response in the north

    Purchasing fuel to help transport earthquake victims from Port-au-Prince to North Haiti for care

    Expanding support to include health partners from the Haitian private sector in neighboring communities, including Hopital de la Convention Baptist d’Haiti (HCBH, also known as Haiti Baptist Convention Hospital) in Quartier Morin

    Collaborating with Hope Health Action to complete construction of a 20-bed rehabilitation facility at HCBH to aid earthquake victims with spinal cord injuries

    Strengthening and expanding relationships with NGOs that build health promoting-infrastructure, e.g., SOIL, Direct Relief International, HOPE International Development Agency, and MINUSTAH–North

    Paying hospital fees at Justinien University Hospital for more than 600 earthquake victims, assuring their care and giving JUH revenues to operate at a time when it was not receiving any from the Haitian government

    Training of, and providing funding for, a wound care nurse at JUH

    Funding a local group, Action Sanitaire, to provide social and mental health outreach services to area communities

    Bringing in volunteers with defined specialties, including a trauma surgical team

  • Konbit Sante’s long-term presence in Greater Cap-Haitien positions us as an important partner in times of future crises, and we will continue to provide support as necessary.

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