Director’s Blog: A Moment to Reflect and Look Ahead

April 1, 2022

This will be the final director’s blog in my series of blogs that began in 2020. I have mixed emotions as I prepare for my upcoming departure and begin a new phase of my personal life. One thing I know for certain is that Konbit Sante is strong and I genuinely look forward to hearing of all the ways this organization continues to support the people of Haiti in the months and years ahead!

These last two years have been filled with incredible work and collaborations. While transitioning over the last few weeks, I am reminded of the many lessons, moments of growth, and celebrations we’ve shared along the way.

Together, we’ve celebrated…

  • Konbit Sante earned national recognition in 2021 by Guidestar and Charity Navigator. After our team’s concerted efforts to ensure that Konbit Sante met best practice requirements, both assessment organizations recognized our processes as top notch related to financial stability and transparency.
  • We sent more support to our healthcare partners in Cap-Haitien during unprecedented times of need in 2020-2021. Konbit Sante provided funds, supplies, expertise, and other resources to our partners, colleagues, and friends as they faced the horrors of a presidential assassination, earthquake in the southern region, and the fuel tanker explosion in Cap-Haitien.
  • We successfully launched our virtual summer fundraiser, We Walk with Haiti 2021, raising over $80,000! Through this event, we also introduced over 100 new donors to Konbit Sante. Konbit Sante will continue to build upon these donor relationships.
  • The staff strengthened our systems operations by developing new policies and procedures that support a sustainable structural framework for Konbit Sante. This allows us to grow and further give to those we serve.
  • We expanded our community through the recruitment of new volunteers. We are proud to bring unique skill sets and resources that are able to contribute virtually and support projects in Cap-Haitien throughout the pandemic. Konbit Sante is a better organization because of the contributions of these dedicated volunteers.

All of these accomplishments have been a direct result of our whole team; the strength of our staff, the dedication of the Board and Honorary Advisors, and the unwavering generosity and support from you, our Konbit Sante community. When Konbit Sante steps into its next phase of growth and I into a new phase of my personal life, I will always reflect fondly on these tenets of our work together:

  • Expect the unexpected. In the environment in which we work, we have to continue to be tenacious, adaptable, and full of heart. Our work continues no matter the circumstances and our support must not waver. I feel proud to have contributed to Konbit Sante’s commitment to walk alongside our partners through it all; the challenging times and the good times. We are stronger together.
  • Quality healthcare is a human right and there is a passionate community that works tirelessly to make this a reality for all. I have always supported the belief that everyone deserves the highest quality of healthcare, regardless of financial status. Konbit Sante stands tall as an advocate and supporter within the community to promote this further.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work. When the engines inside an organization are running on all cylinders, the output is strong and seamless and, at Konbit Sante, our partners are the direct beneficiaries of our team’s work. The truest secret sauce is a dedicated, hard-working and collaborative team.

There’s a lot of great things in store for Konbit Sante, and as the organization moves forward I will most certainly be cheering you all on, from the sidelines! Thank you for the generous support you give to Konbit Sante and also the belief you held in your heart for the work we accomplished together during my time here. Personally, I am grateful for your collaborations, partnerships, and friendships along the way.

As we say in Haitian Creole, Kembe Fem ak Anpil Lanmou!

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