Why We Support Pediatrics at Justinien Hospital

March 18, 2023

From Konbit Sante founder J. Michael Taylor, MD, MPH

While the southern part of Haiti is in turmoil, the north, where Konbit Sante works, remains calm. However, because prices of basic necessities, including food, have risen dramatically, children are suffering even more from malnutrition and from other diseases related to poverty. They still suffer traumas. And newborns in distress still require immediate care.

Being able to provide care to pediatric patients in Cap-Haitien requires skilled caregivers who have the supplies, medicines, and other resources they need to treat patients and solve problems.

Dr. Rony Saint Fleur teaches residents at bedside at Jutinien University Hospital.


Since 2008, we have witnessed and supported the work that Dr. Saint Fleur and his residents and co-workers do every day at Justinien Hospital. And we want to be able to continue to help provide them with the tools they need to continue their critical work in the region’s only public teaching hospital.

Dr. Saint Fleur is an inspiration. He is intelligent, he’s a problem solver, and he has the energy and direction to make a difference. He serves as an example for others with his passion, compassion, and integrity. Every once in a while, as we make our travel through life, we meet someone who is a new standard. He is one of those people.

—J. Michael Taylor, MD, MPH, Founder

Please donate today to support pediatric care and education at Justinien Hospital and reach our goal of raising $50,000 before April. Your gift will make a real difference in care for the north’s youngest patients.

The first $20,000 donated between now and April 1 will be matched 1:1 by a matching gift from our founders. Please help us meet this match!

And to all who have already given to support pediatrics this month, please accept our sincere thanks!
See the full story about pediatrics at Justinien Hospital and the impact your donations make.

Please contribute today to support pediatric care and skill building. We are deeply grateful. Thank you.

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