Vitamin A distribution to Children in Cap-Haitien

January 15, 2022

This past December, Konbit Sante’s Community Health Program Manager, Josaime Clotilde St Jean, coordinated a trip to Laroche Kindergarten in the community of Fort St Michel in Cap-Haitien for the purpose of distributing Albendazole and Vitamin A pills to children under 5 years of age. The trip was organized alongside a local rally post with similar goals for both, to bolster the public health of the local community. These collaborations were organized in order to meet a health objective set by the Pan American Health Organization, also known as Organization Panaméricaine de la Sante in French.

It is imperative that the children supplement their needs of vitamin A, considering its importance for vision and the overall immune system. Vitamin A is also beneficial for the functioning of the heart, lungs, kidneys and other organs. Albendazole is similarly essential as it helps to remove intestinal parasites that can cause long-term and avoidable complications to the patient’s health.

During the time approximately 350 pills were distributed from the community health team. According to Ms. St Jean, the support for children in the local community is vital and this is just one step towards such care.

While projects like these are difficult to coordinate due to disruptions in medication stocks, political instability, transportation and fuel challenges, or even changes in the local climate and natural environment, Ms. St Jean and her team in Haiti believe in the value they bring to the community. The health agents responsible for organizing and hosting these events and collaborations in the local community often spend multiple days preparing for the work.

Furthermore, they are committed not only to providing helpful services such as capsule distribution, but also to educating the public about the importance of prevention and long-term healthcare quality.

Konbit Sante is proud of the work led and conducted by Ms. St Jean and the team on the ground. We hope that in the days to come, patients will continue to benefit from the services of the community health team.

Photo: Community health team member with students of Laroche Kindergarten

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