Director’s Blog: Thank You and Happy Holidays

December 22, 2021

The holidays are here and it’s the time of year to reflect on all that has taken place at Konbit Sante this year. Driven by our hearts and mission, our organization has been busy supporting the people of Haiti with all that the country has endured this year. Every person living and working in Haiti has been and remains impacted by this year’s devastating events. The Haitian community suffered more than their share with the assassination of the president and resulting political instability. That was coupled with another deadly earthquake while still facing the repercussions from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and other health crises. In December, the local Cap-Haitien community experienced more casualties from a fuel truck explosion. It is difficult to ignore the uncertainties that lie ahead.

Despite the challenges, we remain hopeful that there will be a peaceful and positive resolution; one that works for all people of Haiti, not just for those in power. We continue to stand in support and collaboration with our partners at Fort Saint Michel (FSM) Health Center, Haitian Baptist Convention Hospital (HCBH), Justinien University Hospital (JUH), and Unite de Lutte pour la Sante (ULS) Health Center. Throughout the year we have worked with our healthcare partners who are on the front lines caring for patients in and around Cap-Haitien. Konbit Sante is committed to these long-standing partnerships so that we may provide for their ongoing needs.

Konbit Sante follows the World Health Organization’s building blocks, that are necessary for a functional healthcare system. One of those building blocks is crisis and emergency support. This summer we worked side by side with our partners who provided direct medical care to victims of the earthquake in the southern part of the country. Medical practitioners from JUH and ULS travelled to the south after the earthquake on August 14th 2021 to treat those who were wounded. In the words of our partner, Dr. Mesadieu, “The ULS Health Center team couldn’t have done this amazing work if it wasn’t for the generosity, gracious hearts, and blessings of the people who came together during this time.” Konbit Sante provided funds to the practitioners to use towards logistics and travel expenses. True to our mission, we supported Haitians who in turn, cared for fellow Haitians in the country during a precarious and difficult time.

Most recently, the country has faced fuel shortages and its accompanying challenges, all in the face of growing insecurity throughout Haiti. Due to the lack of access to fuel, our healthcare partners were given no choice but to temporarily suspend the delivery of some services. This, in turn, impacted the ability to provide much needed patient care. Today, our partners are operating to the very best of their ability and in the days to come, it will be critical that Konbit Sante stay connected, aware of their needs, and vigilant in our response.

This year’s annual report provides a glimpse into the support and relief work that has taken place in Cap-Haitien this past year. Despite this devastating year, we feel proud to share the accomplishments of our Haitian healthcare partners, who fearlessly and tirelessly work on the ground every day. The report also highlights our dedicated staff and volunteers whose efforts not only make the work of Konbit Sante possible, but who also make a tremendous impact on the communities we serve. Keep an eye on your mailbox as your copy of the annual report will be arriving shortly. My hope is that like us, you too will feel proud of all that we have accomplished together.

We are determined to continue our work with the people of Haiti. Without generous donors like yourself, our work would not be possible. From all of us here at Konbit Sante, thank you! You are what keeps Konbit Sante going.

As we close out the year, I’d like to acknowledge our staff members, board members, honorary advisors, partners, collaborators, and the community at large for standing beside us. We are grateful and humbled by your continued support.

Happy Holidays to you.

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