Citizens of the World Foundation conducts training for partner facilities

October 20, 2021

Konbit Sante and Citizens of the World Foundation (CoWF) work together to ensure safe and effective care for patients with surgical needs in and around Cap-Haitien. Citizens of the World Foundation’s expertise is quite specific. They are a team of anesthesia service providers. Their expertise has led them to work with healthcare providers in Haiti through educational opportunities and infrastructure-related projects. Konbit Sante casts a wider net with a far greater network, and this allows us to see needs CoWF would not necessarily see or immediately identify. The combination of our connections and their expertise has worked well to form successful collaborations.

Citizens of the World Foundation is a small organization and its members have full time jobs so they dedicate spare time to CoWF’s projects. Normally, they make week-long trips twice a year to Haiti to assess the needs on the ground. However, nowadays due to the pandemic they have not traveled.

Konbit Sante has a permanent and substantial presence in Cap-Haitien and the surrounding area. Our presence at Justinien University Hospital, Haitian Baptist Convention Hospital, and Fort Saint Michel Health Center, in particular, has led to opportunities for CoWF to assist with infrastructure projects. Several years ago, they procured universal anesthesia machines for use in the operating rooms at the facilities. The use of the conference room in Konbit Sante’s office has helped in the teaching of anesthesia skills to students. Bill Cleary, founder of CoWF, stated, “Numerous opportunities to share expertise has led to benefits for the system as a whole.”

The staff at CoWF hope to continue working towards improving the quality of anesthesia services for the people of Haiti. The lack of safe surgical care, specifically anesthesia, has been identified as a healthcare concern worldwide. The need for anesthesia during life-saving procedures such as emergency cesarean sections, appendectomies, and fracture care is crucial. CoWF is committed to providing services in the years to come.

CoWF is looking forward to continuing the work with Konbit Sante to identify areas where gaps can be addressed. Konbit Sante is fortunate and grateful to have dedicated partners such as CoWF. Together, we will continue our work in strengthening the healthcare capacity in Cap-Haitien, Haiti.

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