Director’s blog: Bon Chans ak Mesi Anpil

February 1, 2022

Next month, one of our longest tenured employees in the Cap-Haitien office of Konbit Sante, Ruddy Adeca, is leaving us! Ruddy is embarking on an educational journey to pursue further educational studies in New Jersey, USA, and we couldn’t be happier for him. Ruddy has served as our Bookkeeper and Finance Manager for almost 15 years. He first began working for us in a part-time capacity and soon after transitioned to a full time role.

Over the years, he has worked closely with our office administrator to support and manage the office operations. Having worked in the Cap-Haitien office for so long he knows everyone that comes through our office and at Justinien University Hospital, where we are based. His smiling face is often the first one to greet many, and there is no doubt that he will be missed.

With Ruddy’s eyes on our finances and accounting, he ensures our budget is on track. We always feel confident that the funds are being tracked and managed appropriately. Ruddy is also a key part of our supply chain team, ensuring supplies are collected and delivered judiciously, invoices are tracked and accounted for, and documentation is managed.

One of my fondest memories of Ruddy was in a jovial conversation during my last trip to Haiti. We talked about the importance of always learning and adapting. He shared his thoughts about how even as we get older it’s important to grow, learn, and adapt because we live in a community in which we interact with everyone. “Every day we must all keep learning,” he said. That is just one of the many interactions that exemplify Ruddy’s wise, kind, collegial, and warm personality.

In working with Ruddy over the years, he is always diligent, respectful, and thorough. He exhibits a great deal of discipline, and I see it every day from our work together. He is reliable and always responsive to the team’s needs. We, at Konbit Sante, are extremely grateful to Ruddy for his years of service and commitment to the organization. Ruddy has made significant contributions to Konbit Sante and has been an asset to the organization.

Ruddy will begin applying for management and business programs of study at various universities in NJ. Lucky for us, he will be closer to our Maine office and is willing to lend a helping hand of support to Konbit Sante as needed.

We wish him the very best in his new pursuits. We remain proud of him, both as a colleague and as a professional. We are excited for him and for the bright future that lies ahead of him.

Bon chans ak mesi anpil Ruddy!

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