Champion for Change: Odelin Pierre

October 28, 2021

This month we would like to feature our very own star and long-term employee, Odelin Pierre!

Odelin began working for Konbit Sante in December 2009 after meeting Axnick Woody Paul, our former Office Administrator. Odelin attended secondary school in Cap-Haitien and has a background as a logistician. He also has experience in painting buildings and driving heavy machinery.

In his work at Konbit Sante, his main responsibilities include cleaning the office and the staff/volunteer apartment. Odelin is an extremely versatile staff member. He is a hard worker who gets anything accomplished that is on his list. He helps with various tasks throughout the office including cleaning, dusting, and maintaining the office furniture, delivering in-person messages to partner facilities, and completing day-to-day operational tasks.

Konbit Sante enhanced Odelin’s skills by enrolling him in a training course for waste management, funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) grant in 2011. Through the training Odelin obtained appropriate certifications to conduct his work with more expertise and efficiency. In the future, Odelin is eager to learn more and engage in further training so that he can continue to contribute significantly to Konbit Sante.

When asked if there was a moment or event that sticks out, in particular, during his time at Konbit Sante, he stated, “My memorable moment with Konbit Sante was in 2011 when Konbit Sante organized a trip to the beach where all the staff spent the day together. We were eating, talking and spending quality time together. It was wonderful to see everyone coming and relaxing outside of work.”

In the future, he hopes to continue having productive and meaningful relationships with the staff and our healthcare partners. He enjoys his work at Konbit Sante and values being a part of the team.

“Odelin is one of our most dedicated and hard-working employees, and we cannot thank him enough for his many years of service at Konbit Sante,” stated Executive Director, Rupal Ramesh Shah. She added, “Our office runs efficiently and smoothly because of his daily efforts and we certainly recognize that.”

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