Strengthening Pediatric Nursing at Justinien University Hospital

February 29, 2024

Study Underscores Need to Strengthen Nursing Care

Justinien University Hospital is the second largest public teaching and tertiary care hospital in Haiti and, like other hospitals in Haiti’s public health system, is chronically under-resourced. Today, with the community facing political unrest leading to soaring inflation and increased childhood malnutrition, efforts to strengthen pediatric nursing are especially critical.

A 2022 study of pediatric newborn mortality at Justinien University Hospital found that the limited availability of nurses, CPAP, oxygen, electricity, and equipment such as incubators was significantly correlated with neonatal deaths. For years, Konbit Sante has taken a lead role in addressing the infrastructure and equipment needs. Now, the focus is on nursing care.

A resident cares for a young patient at Justinien University Hospital.


Enhanced Nursing Care Begins in March

In March, four Konbit Sante-sponsored nurses will start working at Justinien University Hospital. These nurses, all with strong credentials and experience, have been selected from a pool of more than 90 applicants.

This important effort is supervised by Konbit Sante country and program director Tezita Negussie and by Emanise Muscadin, MD, Konbit Sante’s new attending faculty pediatrician at Justinien University Hospital. For more about Dr. Muscadin, please read HERE.

“The needs of the youngest and most vulnerable patients are of paramount concern to us and to hospital leadership,” said Tezita Negussie. “Without skilled nursing staff on site, other improvements will be limited in their impact.”
Dr. Muscadin agrees. “The hands of skilled nurses, along with the highly engaged medical residents, can accomplish many things beyond what equipment can do. Everything is important, of course. But the human touch, as much as anything, can help our youngest patients return to good health.”

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