Champion for Change: Dr. Maklin Eugéne

September 20, 2021

Dr. Maklin Eugéne is currently the Chief Executive Officer of New Hope Hospital, which is a reference hospital that leads a multidisciplinary team of over 130 employees in Cap-Haitian, Haiti. His work is driven by his passion for helping others and the country he grew up in.

Photo: Dr. Eugéne at the front entrance of New Hope Hospital

He grew up in an agricultural family, spending most of his time farming and working in the field. He pursued his studies in the field of engineering in college. Thereafter he began his career as an architect. During his time as an architect, he observed a number of doctors who were providing healthcare to the people of Haiti. Guided by his sense of community service, he enrolled in Quisqueya University in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to study medicine.

Dr. Eugéne has an extremely busy schedule. He conducts work behind the scenes at the clinic and works in the office on day-to-day operations. At times, he is practicing in the community. He has dedicated much of his time to help his people. When asked why he continues to work in Haiti he responded, “The needs are great here. For every one doctor there are ten thousand Haitian patients. If I leave Haiti, who will treat the sick?”

He first became involved with Konbit Sante when he met former executive director, Dr. Nathan Nickerson. Dr. Eugéne stated, “It was in my meeting with Nate, as he is fondly known, that I was offered the opportunity to collaborate as partners and since then we’ve been great partners.” Konbit Sante has been able to help Dr. Eugéne in his work by supporting the supply of medications and essential materials for the hospital. Konbit Sante also assists in the facilitation of customs’ clearance for the containers that are shipped for New Hope Hospital.

Konbit Sante is excited to continue the work with dedicated doctors like Dr. Eugéne and we hope to help him achieve his goals for the future.

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