• Workforce & Health Services

    The bedrock of a successful health system is formed by a well-trained and well-equipped staff partnered with a community that has access to care and health education. Konbit Sante supports this in a number of ways.

  • Staff Support & Training

    We support the salaries of numerous staff employed by our partners and provide training opportunities, both by ourselves and in conjunction with other NGOs and health professionals. We then follow up on that training by accompanying and supporting our partners through the change process so there is a better chance that the things learned are integrated into the care provided.

    Women’s Health

    Our goal is to improve maternal outcomes by both supporting improvements in the quality of clinical care and in the dignity of care. We address this at multiple levels, from providing educational outreach to urban neighborhoods and surrounding rural areas to improving prenatal, delivery, and postnatal services at our partner facilities.

    Child Health

    Improving health care for children has always been one of our top priorities. We support community health workers (agents de santé) to provide immunizations and health screenings to children as well as educate expecting parents and families about proper nutrition and care. We also facilitate programs with our partners to help ensure that no child is denied proper care at the most critical stage of life.

    Community Health

    Improving the health status in a community involves reaching out and engaging the people where they live by offering public health services such as vaccinations, case findings, education, and home visits. Konbit Sante has a full-time community program manager based in Haiti who supports agents de santé hired by the Ministry of Health (with salary support from KS and USAID) to provide services in the field and facilitate follow-up visits to Fort Saint Michel Health Center.

    Other Clinical Initiatives

    We support and facilitate a variety of clinical collaborations between professionals in Haiti and volunteers from other nonprofit organizations, including visits to Haiti by U.S. health providers and vice versa, introductions to key personnel and officials, and the acquisition and transportation of requested supplies and medications.

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