• Our Approach

    We approach our work knowing that we do not have all of the answers and that, in fact, Haitian problems need Haitian solutions.

    Konbit Sante has made great strides in strengthening capacity for a healthier Haiti. But we have not done it alone. It has only been possible by collaborating closely with our partners in Haiti and with the generous support of our donors and volunteers. Together, we are a true “konbit,” working together to achieve a common goal.

  • Partners in Haiti

    Just as a farmer cannot prepare a field by oneself, one individual or organization cannot build a high-quality, sustainable health system in Haiti alone. However, when several entities work together in solidarity to achieve a common purpose, the objective becomes much more obtainable.

    Working in conjunction with the Ministry of Health in Haiti, we partner with two public health facilities in Cap-Haitien—Justinien University Hospital and Fort Saint Michel Health Center—as well as two private health facilities in the area, Haiti Baptist Convention Hospital and Unité de Lutte pour la Santé.

    Our work with these partners has been to assist the hospital and clinic leadership strengthen their capacities in providing quality health care, health education, and affordable medications, supplies, and equipment. We focus on strengthening all the elements, or “building blocks,” of the health system that need to function well to provide quality health care.

  • Workforce & Health Services

    A well-trained and well-equipped staff, partnered with a community that has access to care and health education, is essential to a well-functioning health system. Learn More

    Management & Leadership

    Effective delivery of health services needs well-managed programs, systems, and institutions. Learn More

    Medicines, Supplies, & Equipment

    Konbit Sante only sends supplies that are specifically identified as needed and requested by our partners. We also assist with strengthening supply chain management systems to ensure that the materials reach the patients in need. Learn More

    Health Facility Infrastructure

    We work with our health partners in collaboration with other NGOs to build on and improve their facilities. Learn More

    Research, Data, & Evaluation

    Good data are needed to guide interventions to improve the quality of care patients received from health facilities. Learn More

    Crisis & Emergency Support

    Our years of experience and ongoing presence in Haiti have made us an invaluable resource for crisis and emergency response. Learn More

  • A “konbit” is a traditional form of communal labor in Haiti in which the people help each other prepare their fields for planting. “Sante” is Creole for “health.”

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