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It was such a pleasure to open Monday’s e-edition of the Portland Press Herald to find the front-page focus on Konbit Sante (“Maine volunteers haven’t given up on Haiti”
Read about a partnership that is improving the quality of care in emergency services.
Progress is slow, but there's reason for hope at Portland-based Konbit Sante five years after the country was devastated by an earthquake.
Reception Planned for October 15th to Welcome Haitian Pediatrician
The first 28 days are the most vulnerable period of a child’s life. Globally, 44% of all deaths among children under five occur in the first month of life and 34% of those deaths take place on the first day.  The staff of the Pediatrics Service at Justinian University Hospital (JUH) are working... more
Konbit Sante's 5th Annual Maine Walks with Haiti was an incredible success, with hundreds of participants, volunteers, walkers, runners and performers joining us for a day of activities in solidarity with people in Haiti.  We would like to thank our sponsors and all of our volunteers who worked... more
The medical residents in the Maternity Service recently went on strike in part due to poor conditions and the lack of supplies at the hospital to do their work. One of the concerns that they expressed was about the old and worn birthing beds that they have. Not surprisingly, these beds also come up... more
Join us in April and May in Portland, Maine at Jen Burrall Designs Jewelry.  First Friday opening Reception will be April 4th, 5-8 PM.  You can contact us for more information or to find out how to hosta metal art exhibit.