It’s summer and time for our annual “get out and get moving” virtual fundraiser, STAND WITH HAITI. MOVE WITH KONBIT. Anyone, anywhere, can participate. Walk or run around your neighborhood. Ride a bicycle or exercise bike. Hike, kayak, swim, paint, sing, read a book, meditate, dance, or jam — anything that involves moving or being moved (literally or figuratively).

    Join in a message of solidarity with the Haitian people and take some action to support Konbit Sante’s work improving health care in northern Haiti.

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    Ambassador Pamela White (Ret.)

    E. Davies Allan

    Chesterfield Associates Tito Masonry & Construction


    Polly & Steve Larned


    Michael & Wendy Taylor

    Mac & Sue Rogers

    Adam Silverman & Aniosca Cortinas

    Dermatology Associates

Our mission is to support the development of a sustainable health system to meet the needs of the Cap-Haitien community in Haiti with maximum local direction and support.

  • We Walk
    with Haiti 2022

    Every June, Konbit Sante hosts a fundraiser designed to promote fun activities while supporting our partners in Haiti.


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July 11, 2024

The Haiti Staff Team Hikes to the Citadel

Our Memorable Hike to the Citadel From Tezita Negussie Dear Family and Friends, We are excited to share some highlights from our team's recent adventure to the Citadel. On Saturday, fifteen of us, including staff and family members, embarked on this memorable hike. Our day began (photo ...
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    You can contribute by volunteering to help in the office or warehouse in Maine, or by applying to become a traveling volunteer to Haiti.

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      There are different ways you can donate.

      Konbit Sante relies on donations, both cash and non-cash, and actions, both big and small, to help sustain and build on what we do.

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  • Metal art for a
    healthier Haiti

    Konbit Sante sells metal art created from recycled oil drums by artists in Haiti. We welcome the opportunity to display the art in Greater Portland-area cafés, coffee shops, and other establishments that showcase original works of art.

    For more information about purchasing or displaying Haitian metal art, call (207) 347-6733 or email

  • Sister Cities

    Cap-Haitien, Haiti and Portland, Maine

    Sister Cities International was created at President Dwight Eisenhower’s 1956 White House conference on citizen diplomacy. Since then, communities throughout the U.S. have developed Sister City relationships with communities in other countries to create exchanges that foster community impact and kindle lifelong friendships. With Konbit Sante’s encouragement, the city of Portland, Maine, established a Sister City relationship with Cap-Haitien, Haiti, in 2003.