Justinian University Hopital (JUH)


Justinian Hospital is a two-hundred-fifty-bed, government-run teaching hospital serving the needs of Cap-Haïtien and the surrounding communities of northern Haiti, an estimated 825,000 people. Its residency programs include medicine, pediatrics, general surgery, OB/GYN, family practice, and schools for nurses and laboratory technicians.

dscn1870 0Adminstrative builidng at JUH that houses the men and women's wardsThe hospital sits at the foot of the mountains and commands a dramatic view of the city. The architecture is French colonial, which is typical of Cap-Haïtien. The long building at the top of the campus houses the administration offices, the library, and the men’s and women’s wards. The latter are large, open wards, with about forty beds in each ward. The wards are in a very poor state of repair, with windows open to the elements, intermittent electricity and little running water. There is very little equipment, and patients appear quite ill and malnourished and are attended to by both family members and by nurses. Active treatment is severely limited by the lack of supplies, such as IV therapy, and human resources.

Down the hill from the main building are smaller buildings housing pediatrics, surgery, OB/GYN, outpatient and emergency facilities, a pharmacy, a laboratory, and a private ward. Behind the administration building, attached to the laundry room, is our Haiti office.

Of our clinical initiatives child health, internal medicine, emergency medicine, surgery, and nursing are all based at Justinian Hospital. Our infrastructure and management projects have to date been focused there as well.