How Konbit Sante Strengthens Health Services for Children with Disabilities

December 8, 2016

We are excited to share with you the news that due to the generosity of an anonymous Konbit Sante donor, we have been able to provide a three-year commitment to extend care for children with mental and physical disabilities in communities around Cap-Haitien.
One of our partners, the Haitian Baptist Convention Hospital, runs a home called the Maison de Benediction to support families in caring for their disabled children in their own homes.  This model challenges an orphanage culture that can incentivize families to separate from their own children who have special needs.  The Maison currently has 40 children registered who receive physiotherapy and speech therapy but also interact, play, sing and learn with other children and caring adults.  However, there are many, many more children in northern Haiti who cannot attend the center to receive services.

 Art class taking place at the Maison de Benediction

With this donation, two Community-Based Rehabilitation Workers were hired to identify and support families who have children with a disability where these families live.  They monitor the health and well-being of the children and their families, and ensure appropriate medical referrals are made for hospital-based physiotherapy and consultations.  They also advocate for the rights of these families in the local community, including working to increase integration in schools that do not currently accept children with disabilities, or accessing needed assistive equipment, like prosthetics.
We would like to introduce you to the two Community Based Rehabilitation workers that these funds support:


Luphette is married to Miss Nancie who runs the Maison de Benediction and lives in Quartier Morin. He previously worked with disadvantaged children and taught mathematics and    Spanish.  Luphette likes that the CBR program shares a lot of the same values as his previous position.




Maxence has worked for the CBR program since 2010, starting when the program was first initiated.  He therefore has a lot of experience working with children in this area and has many ideas about how the CBR program could be further developed. He is actively pushing for further involvement with local schools. There are many ways Konbit Sante works to strengthen local capacity for a healthier Haiti, but this program is particularly meaningful to many of us, as it strives to reach children who are especially vulnerable.


As we begin our Annual Appeal, we hope you can support Konbit Sante with a kind and generous donation as we work each day to ensure the health and dignity of all children and their families. 

Danny Muller
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