Health Improvements Continue As Workers Strike at Justinien University Hospital

February 9, 2017

Dear friends,

The hospital strike in Haiti enters its eighth week, affecting 19 public hospitals around the country, including the Justinian University Hospital (JUH).  The strikers are demanding fair wages and improved working conditions. Undoubtedly, this is a difficult situation for all involved and we hope for a fast and just resolution to the strike.  
While the JUH is a valuable resource for the community it is important to remember that other facilities in Cap-Haitien are open and continue to provide care.  

Notably, our 3 other partner facilities – Fort Saint Michel Health Center (FSM), Fort Bourgeois Health Center, (ULS-FBHC) and the Haiti Baptist Convention Hospital (HCBH) – have been open during the strike.  Even at JUH, out-patient care continues for some of the sickest children in the area: those exposed to HIV and TB as well as children suffering from malnutrition. Furthermore, primary health care and community-based education and outreach continue at Fort Bourgeois and Fort Saint Michel health centers. More advanced maternal and child health services and emergency care are offered at HBCH.

Some highlights from our partner facilities this past week, include:

Haiti Baptist Convention Hospital (HCBH): A celebration of HCBH’s 10th year anniversary, including recognition of Konbit Sante for its financial and programmatic support of the hospital.  Konbit Sante helped build HBCH's spinal cord rehabilitation clinic and radiology department. We coordinate shipments of supplies and medication to the hospital and recently funded a three-year program for children with physical and developmental disabilities. 


 Fort Saint Michel Health Center (FSM):  An initiative launched at FSM to improve waste management at the health center.  Konbit Sante is helping the center improve hygiene and infection control by supporting the purchase of cleaning materials and helping set up a supervisory system for cleaning staff.


Fort Bourgeois Health Center (FBHC):  Planning at Fort Bourgeois Health Center for a support group that pairs older women with a  group of younger mothers with small children.  Konbit Sante is helping the management team of the center develop an proposal to support this initiative.


Stay tuned for more updates from Cap-Haitien!


Tezita Negussie
Konbit Sante Country Director