Advancing Our Efforts to Improve Neonatal Health

August 31, 2017                                                                 

Dear Friends,

I’m pleased to announce an exciting new collaboration between the Haiti Baptist Convention Hospital (HCBH)and Konbit Sante. Nate and I recently met with Dr. Paul Toussaint, the medical director of HCBH, the medical and nursing chiefs of the hospital’s pediatric service, and other senior staff to discuss Konbit Sante’s role in helping HCBH establish a pediatric mortality audit.

In 2012, Konbit Sante initiated a similar process with the leadership of the pediatric service at the Justinien University Hospital (JUH).  This process created a venue for critical reflection, planning and
change that contributed to recent improvements in care for neonates at JUH.  Hearing of the progress made at JUH and aspiring to improve the quality of care for children in their community, the leadership of the hospital invited us to take a significant role in creating and guiding this process at HCBH.

Although talk of mortality audits may seem technical and dispassionate, it’s critical to saving children’s lives. The audit process involves collecting and analyzing information about children who died in a facility for the purpose of identifying and implementing solutions to modifiable factors that contributed to their deaths. Put simply, this process brings together people who have the responsibility and authority to achieve actions and uses local knowledge to address local problems.

We are excited to take our partnership with HCBH in new direction and look forward to the opportunity to apply the experience we’ve gained at JUH to another hospital in Haiti.

I wish you all a wonderful end of summer.


Tezita Negussie, Country Director