Children with special needs supplied with wheelchairs in Haiti

August 2018

Konbit Sante was pleased to provide logistical support to the Walkabout Foundation and Hope Health Action to make possible the distribution of 150 wheelchairs to children with special needs at Maison de Benediction, a respite center operated by the Haitian Baptist Convention Hospital in Quartier Morin, and to the Haitian Office for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities (BSEIPH) in Port-au-Prince.

Walkabout Foundation donated the wheelchairs and helped fit them to each individual recipient. There were many challenges with the clearance and transport, but in the end, we at Konbit Sante felt it was well worth the effort because for the children, the wheelchairs are more than objects that help them get around -- they are life-changing gifts that provide a level of independence and self-confidence that were previously unavailable to them. As you can see from these photos, the joy on their faces represent a transformative moment that they and their loved ones are not likely to forget.

Click here for a video of the children using their wheelchairs for the first time.