Management Initiatives


Building Stronger Administrative Capacity

Effective delivery of health services needs well-managed institutions. In order for there to be sustainable change within the health system, the administration and operating procedures need to be examined and strengthened as well. It is for this reason, management training, collaborative development of business plans, and basic information systems are becoming a focus of new partnerships.

In a pilot program that began in 2008, Konbit Sante has partnered with colleagues in radiology - a service that is very difficult to maintain due to climate, scarce resources, and high-maintenance equipment - to develop supply management procedures and a financial management system. Once the radiology machines were fully functional (they break frequently and it is difficult to find technicians to fix them), the team began implementing the business plan that had been developed. This has already resulted in the longest period of uninterrupted imaging service in our entire partnership of close to ten years. In addition, the radiology service is able to function as the primary revenue source for Justinian Hospital.

A U.S. volunteer partnered with the chief of the operating room to conducted a study of OR usage and associated patient payments in January 2010. Our hope is that we can use this information to develop a business plan that will help maximize the revenue potential of this service, as we did with radiology. Another management initiative we are now undertaking is collaborating with colleagues in the hospital administration and pharmacy to improve the complicated patient exoneration processes so that people who can't pay have improved access to services and medications.