Clinical Initiatives

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Women's Health

The primary goal of Konbit Sante's work in women's
health is to improve maternal outcomes in Cap-Haitien.
Our efforts work to meet women's needs on multiple
levels, from providing education and outreach at the
community level to improving emergency response
time at the regional referral hospital.

Child Health

Konbit Sante's child health initiatives, to date, have
focused on improving inpatient care at the region's largest
public teaching hospital, strengthening the pediatric
residency program which will develop the next generation
of caregivers, and reaching into the community to follow
patients after discharge from Justinian's inpatient feeding



Community Health Outreach

Konbit Sante has hired a team of agents de sante
(community health workers) who fill a large gap in the
tenuous health system's net by reaching out into the
community itself on foot or on bicycles to provide
education, prevention, and health services at the
community level. 

Other Clinical Collaborations

We also support and facilitate a variety of other clinical
collaborations between professionals in Haiti & volunteers
in the U.S. These collaborations often involve conducting
trainings for health providers in Haiti, sponsoring Haitian
colleagues to come to the U.S. for training, and acquiring
requested material resources.