Team Nickerson

Welcome to our campaign page, and thank you for your interest!

For each of the past eight years we have invited you, our community of friends and family, to participate with us by financially contributing to the Annual Maine Walks with Haiti. This year we are particularly eager to support the construction of the Health Center in Bande de Nord. As you can see from the picture above; the leased space where they are working now (even if they could stay) is cramped and inadequate. The good news is that any donation you give dedicated to this effort will be matched, so the impact will be doubled! We humbly appeal to your generosity once again to help us reach our goal, and bring this permanent primary health care to an area that has never enjoyed that... and we offer our heartfelt thanks to you for joining us in this effort!! .


Nate & Nancy

Goal $ 5,000.00
100% towards our goal
$ 5,520.00 raised
$ 100.00
Keeney Family
$ 100.00
Go Team Nickerson
David Hamer
$ 100.00
Keep up the good work!
Richard & Bea Broder-Oldach
$ 100.00
Geoff Beckett
$ 50.00
Mel Shaftel
$ 500.00
Carol Kuhn
$ 100.00
Have fun!
Barbara Feehrer
$ 100.00
Have a great walk! Go Team Nickerson!!
Rhonda Vosmus
$ 50.00
Thank you for caring for the people in Haiti.
Marlene Lynch
$ 145.00
Go Nan and Nate!!
John Shoos
$ 250.00
Hope it's a great day for the walk! Sorry I can't be there. Thanks for all you do Nate.
Dr David & Karen Haskell
$ 250.00
Bryan And Jenn
$ 100.00
Thanks for all you do!
Sarah, Will And Jane Ducott
$ 100.00
Have a great time.
Sue Ewing
$ 60.00
Mary And Paul
$ 100.00
Go Nickersons! Hope you have a great day!!
Richardson Family
$ 50.00
Thank you!!!!
Erik & Anne Johnson
$ 10.00
Anne Lemire
$ 100.00
Abrams Family Charitable Account
$ 500.00
Mac & Sue Rogers
$ 500.00
John & Lorna Kerbel
$ 25.00