Book and Website Resource list

If you are interested in learning more about Haiti's history and current events, check out some of the resources listed below. Know what type of resource you are looking for? Jump to your desired topic: travelhistory, health and medicine, news/current eventslanguage, arts and culture, political news and advocacy.


  • Doggett, Joyce Connelly, and Joyce Connolly. Lonely Planet Dominican Republic & Haiti, 2d ed. Available at
  • Embassy of the U.S.A., Port-au-Prince: Information for American citizens visiting Haiti, narcotics control policy, trade and commerce policy, development assistance policy, press releases, mission elements, and principal officers and mission addresses and telephone numbers.
  • Haiti Consular Information Sheet: Travel advisories, including entry and exit requirements, safety and security, crime, medical facilities and insurance, traffic safety and road conditions, embassy and consulate locations.
  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC) - Haiti: Health information for travelers to Haiti 
  • WeatherUnderground: Check the weather in Cap-Haitien!
  • International currency converter - Haiti's currency is Haitian Gourdes (HTG)  


  • The Haitians, Their History and Culture, Refugee Fact Sheet Series No. 10, published by the Refugee Service Center's Center for Applied Linguistics. This brief (31 pages) booklet provides interesting and insightful descriptions of Haitian history, education, language, health, religion, family life, and culture. Full text available online.
  • Arthur, Charles. 2002. Haiti in Focus, A Guide to the People, Politics and Culture.  Available at
  • Heinl, Heinl, and Heinl, Written in Blood, The Story of the Haitian People, 1492-1995. Available at
  • Rodman, Selden. Haiti: The Black Republic. Available at
  • Klarreich, Kathie. Madame Dread, A Tale of Love, Voudou, and Civil Strife in Haiti, 2005. Available at
  • Gold, Herbert. Haiti: The Best Nightmare on Earth. Out of print, but used copies available at
  • Shacochis, Bob. 2000. Immaculate Invasion. Available at
  • Wilentz, Amy. The Rainy Season, Haiti Since Duvalier. Out of print but available used at
  • Haiti - A Country Study: Library of Congress Federal Research Division, Area Handbook Series; country, geography, society, economy, transportation, communications, government, and politics.
  • State Department Country Background Notes: Includes information on Haiti, including geography, government, people, economy, and U.S.-Haiti relations. 


  • Bentivegna, Joseph F. 1990. The Abused and Neglected. Available at
  • Farmer, Paul. Infections and Inequalities: The Modern Plagues. Available at
  • Kidder, Tracy. Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, A Man Who Would Save the World. Available at
  • Maternowska, M. Catherine, Reproducing Inequities: Poverty and the Politics of Population in Haiti (Studies in medical Anthropology), with a forward by Paul Farmer,
  • UNICEF Statistical Data, Haiti page: Includes basic indicators, mortality and health-related, nutrition-related indicators, water and sanitation, and education statistics on Haiti.
  • USAID, Haiti: Congressional presentation for 1999FY, CIA Factbook Country Profile, Haiti Country Health Statistics Profile, Haiti Program Profile.
  • World Health Organization: Haiti health and poverty statistics 



  • Freeman, Bryant C. Survival Haitian. Available from the University of Kansas bookstore.
  • Turnbull, Wally. Creole Made Easy. Available at
  • Turnbull, Wally. Hidden Meanings, Truth and Secret in Haiti’s Creole Proverbs. Available at
  • Valdman, Albert. Ann Pale krèyol, An Introductory Course in Haitian Creole, Indiana University. Available at


  • Rediscover Haiti: Information about art, history, culture, education, shopping
  • Metal Art: Watch a video of how it is made! (Konbit Sante sells pieces like this as a fundraiser, if you would like to have one of your very own, contact us.)
  • Danticat, Edwidge. She has written numerous novels about Haiti including The Farming of the Bones; Krik? Krak!; The Dew Breaker; and Breath, Eyes, Memory. All are available in paperback at


  • British Solidarity Organization's Haiti Support Group: Haiti news briefs, archives, and resources.
  • Haiti Reborn: Site of the U.S.-Haiti solidarity organization that advocates for a more just U.S. foreign policy.
  • Terry F. Buss with Adam Gardner. 2008. Haiti in the Balance: Why Foreign Aid Has Failed and What We Can Do about It. At
  • Greene, Graham. The Comedians. Available at (fictional novel with commentary on Haitian politics)