Assemble Birthing Kits!


What is a birthing kit?  

A birthing kit is a fabric bag that contains a few essential items for a safe home delivery plus several comfort items for the new baby. 

Why do women need birthing kits? 

Many families in Haiti do not have access to or the money to pay for delivery at a hospital.  So we give birthing kits to expectant mothers to help them have the safest possible home births.

What can you or your group do?  

You or your group can assemble birthing kits for us to send to Haiti. 

Expectant mothers are eager to get birthing kits.   In partnership with the Haitian Ministry of Health, we give out hundreds of birthing kits every month.  So, we always need more!

If you can assemble only one birthing kit, we will be happy to receive it.  If you can do more than one, that is incredibly helpful.  

If you are in a civic organization, book club, youth group, consider encouraging them to adopt assembling birthing kits for Haiti as a group project.  You can invite a speaker or contact us for materials and assistance to make this group project a success.

How do I assemble a birthing kit? 

1.  Pack the following items into a large zip locked plastic bag(s):

  • a piece of clean plastic sheeting, 3 feet x 4 feet
  • a piece of clean string, 24 inches long
  • a pair of Adult Large gloves
  • a newborn cap
  • a small receiving blanket
  • 4-5 of Maxi pads
  • a large ziplock bag
  • 2 bars of soap

2.  Put the filled plastic bag(s) in a small store-bought canvas bag or make your own bag.  You can find design ideas and further instructions here.  

Where do I send or deliver the birthing kits? 

Mail or deliver your assembled bags to:

Konbit Sante 
Attn: Danny
362 US Route 1, Falmouth, ME 04105


Call us at 207-347-6733.

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